Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Cougar Ridge! There are many ways to get involved. Some opportunities to volunteer happen during the school day; others are in the evenings. There are ways to volunteer at school and from your home. There are opportunities to work with adults and work with children. Our volunteers help our school community thrive!

If you are interested in volunteering with the PTSA, please contact Sara Woody (PTSA President) or click on the "Volunteer Info - Volunteer Sign-Up" icon in the left-hand menu and sign-up.

If you are interested in volunteering in the classroom, please contact your teacher or Room Parent.

IMPORTANT – Mandatory Volunteer Application Process – In order to volunteer anywhere in the Issaquah School District for 2022-23, including in your child’s classroom, art or library time, an updated ANNUAL volunteer application needs to be submitted electronically. Click here for instructions and allow one week to process prior to any volunteer time.

MICROSOFT PARENTS:  Did you know that Microsoft matches your volunteer hours with the Cougar Ridge Elementary PTSA? Make sure you log your hours!

Guidance on Visitor Protocol, Gifts and Parties

I. Visiting Procedures

II. Confidentiality

III. Facility Reservation and Use

IV. Field Trips

V. Office Workroom

VI. Group Gifts

VII. Parties and Birthdays

I. Visitors & Volunteers

All parents, community members, volunteers and visitors must sign in and sign out in the office and wear a Visitor/Volunteer Badge when they are on the school site. It is important that the office be able to locate family members in the event of an emergency.

II. Confidentiality and Student Rights

Confidentiality is of the utmost importance. Please keep all experiences, thoughts and comments in confidence. Direct any questions to the teacher. Respect the rights of each child in the same manner you want your child treated.

III. Facility Use

If you would like to schedule the use of any room other than your designated classroom during the school day, please contact Wendy Floyd in the Cougar Ridge office. All rooms during non-school hours are scheduled through the district. To check availability of these rooms, please follow the instructions here.

IV. Field Trips

Field trip chaperones are expected to devote their full time and attention to the supervision of students and to adhere at all times to the following Issaquah School District Field Trip Guidelines for Volunteers:

Field trips are a means of reinforcing and enriching our academic program. It is important that volunteers know and understand these guidelines and expectations of accompanying students on school sponsored field trips. Please review the items below and talk to the teacher or principal if you have any questions.

  Cell phones
Please do not talk on the phone while supervising students.
  Alcohol or drugs
No volunteer is to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs. At no time, from the point of leaving the school until returning to the school and leaving the premises, is alcohol or drugs to be consumed whether or not you are directly supervising students. If, in the judgment of school personnel, there is any doubt as to a driver's ability to perform safely, another driver will be assigned.
Use of tobacco products is prohibited in the presence of students.
  Accountability for students
The volunteer is responsible for knowing the whereabouts of each child they are
assigned at all times.
  Student behavior
The volunteer is responsible for monitoring the behavior of the students in their group and be ready to intervene, if necessary. (If you are unsure of the expectations, ask the classroom teacher).
If separated from the teacher and an emergency occurs, the volunteer is to use their best judgement in handling it i.e., call 911. The teacher and the school should be notified as soon as possible. If the emergency involves an injury, the school staff will contact the parents of the injured child.
  Arrival back at school
If a volunteer with a group of students arrives back at school before the teacher, let the office staff know you have returned and then accompany the students to the
classroom. Remain with them until the teacher or staff member takes over.
  Siblings and others
Siblings, friends and other relatives are not allowed to accompany students on the field trip.
As with any volunteer assignment, volunteers may not disclose any personally identifiable student information except to the appropriate school staff.
Volunteers should make every effort to arrive on time and as scheduled. Take into account time to check in at the office and get visitor badge. If you are unable to volunteer as scheduled on a particular date, please arrange for a substitute and/or advise your room parent and teacher as soon as possible.
  Cell Phones
Please refrain from using cell phones at school in any way that could be disruptive to students or the classroom environment. (Please turn off or put on silent.)
Parents are requested to leave siblings at home when volunteering at Cougar Ridge.
Students need to realize that their parent(s) are at school to help the class and that after greeting their parent they must continue to work independently.

Volunteers may be working with children one-on-one in the hall, helping with a small group, circulating through the whole class, or preparing materials. By helping one child, a small group, or the teacher, volunteers help the entire class.

V. Office Workroom

All room parents are trained in the use of the office workroom. Room parents should in turn train the volunteers from their classroom. Please do not use the workroom for the half hour just before and after school, or at any time that inconveniences the school staff. Please give teachers priority on all workroom equipment. Parents may not bring children into the workroom and must enter the workroom through one of the direct workroom doors in the hallway (not walk through the office). Please limit communication with the office staff during the half hour before and after school or anytime when their attention must be given to our children.

VI. Group Gift Policies

Parents, students and other interested parties are encouraged to express their appreciation to teachers and other staff members at the end of the school year with written letters of commendation and/or gratitude.  It is also encouraged that copies of any such letters be provided to the principal of Cougar Ridge and the Issaquah School District superintendent.  The giving of group gifts to teachers or other staff members is left solely to the discretion of the parents in each classroom.  If parents desire to give a group gift, donations are to be limited to no more than $15.00 per student per school year.  Room parents collecting money for group gifts may not ask for any specific dollar amount and should advise families that contributions in excess of $15.00 per student will not be accepted. It shall be indicated that the group gift is from all children in the class, regardless of whether or not all families participate monetarily.  It is the responsibility of the room parents in each classroom to see that these policies are adhered to.

It is suggested that 20% of the total amount collected in each classroom for gifts be allotted to gifts for specialists, and that parents be advised that this amount may be so allotted prior to the collection of gift money.  Room parents are requested to turn any such funds over to the PTSA Room Parent Coordinator, who will then purchase a gift of commensurate value for each specialist (defined as instructors for computer learning, art, music, gym and library).  If any parent wishes not to contribute to the purchase of specialist gifts, it is suggested that that parent contribute no more than $8.00 for the teacher group gift. 

VII. Parties and Birthdays
Cougar Ridge follows the District policy in asking parents not to send party invitations to school. Parties are determined by the teachers at each grade level at their discretion. The use of Halloween costumes are at the discretion of the Principal. Maximum party length is one hour and is scheduled at the teacher's discretion. Party planning, coordination, set up, activities and clean up is the responsibility of parents and is usually coordinated by the Room Parent. The cost of parties is funded by parental donation with party fund donations not to exceed $5 per student per school year.

Believing that birthdays are very special times but wanting to maximize classroom instruction time, it is Cougar Ridge's policy to celebrate only via the Principal's discretion and direction.

Please see the Cougar Ridge Party/Activity Guidelines below for more details regarding party policy.

Party/Activity Guidelines:
The purpose for establishing guidelines for parties, an end of the year activity and birthdays, is to honor the educational focus of the school day and to be respectful of all children.

These guidelines have been developed by a joint committee of parents and staff. Parents are asked to comply with the guidelines. This will prevent the parent, child and staff member from being placed in an uncomfortable situation.

  Approved Parties / Activity

At the discretion of teachers at every grade level.      

  Length of Parties/Activity
Each party will take place for a maximum of one hour, excluding setup and cleanup time. The party time will be scheduled at the teacher's discretion. The end of the year activity will be planned by the teacher and room parent. It may be for a longer period of time.
  Cost of Parties/Activity
The cost of supplies and treats for the parties will be funded through parent participation. This will either be a one-time donation at the beginning of the year, or the contribution of items. A designated parent will be responsible for the collection of money and supplies. Suggested donation not to exceed $5.00 per student per school year.
  Theme of Parties/Activity
Each teacher will discuss with the coordinating parent guidelines regarding food,
decorations, and party activities in his/her classroom. Parents will provide any food and party specific decorations at the time of the party. Parents are responsible for party setup and cleanup.
  Location of Parties/Activity
All parties and activities must be conducted within the school building or on school
grounds. The only exception to this policy is the Fifth Grade Picnic. The Fifth Grade Picnic may be held at Lakemont or Lewis Creek Park with prior approval of the principal. Other offsite locations are not permitted.
Halloween costumes will not be worn during the school day, but may change at the discretion of the Principal. The PTSA may sponsor an after school trick or treating event where the children will be allowed to wear their costumes in the school building.
  Birthday Celebration
The Principal and teachers may recognize individuals on their birthday, but this is at their complete discretion.