The PTSA has funded a new curriculum called PurposeFull People! PurposeFull People is CharacterStrong’s Pre-K-5 Toolkit. It is intentionally designed to support work that schools are already doing around Character Education and Social-Emotional Learning. Designed by veteran teachers, school counselors, play therapists, and many other incredible voices, PurposeFull People is packed with tons of practical and easy-to-use tools that focus on developing character and social-emotional skills in students, staff, and families. 

Each month we will provide resources on a new topic.


February - Kindness

Kindness Poster

Challenge #1

Challenge #2


March - Perseverance 

Perseverance Poster

Challenge #1


April - Respect

Respect Poster

Challenge #1


May - Cooperation

Cooperation Poster

Challenge #1


June - Creativity

Creativity Poster

Challenge #1