This year, we will be offering three different levels for our Chess Club. Also included are the tentative tops for each level so that you can pick the correct level for your student. 

Level 1 Classes: Open to Kindergarten and 1st grade students only

Level 1 Classes: Open to 2nd and 3rd grades only

Level 2 Classes: TBD

Level 3 Classes: TBD

Level 1: No Chess Experience.

1 - Kings and Pawns

2 - Bishops

3 - Capturing Pawns

4 - Knights and Rooks

5 - Queens

6 - Parent’s Day

Level 2: Some chess experience required.  Student should be comfortable with the names of their pieces and how they move.  

1 - Pawn Promotions 1

2 - Pawn Promotion 2

3 - Controlling the center of the board

4 - Castling

5 - Midgame

6 - Parent’s Day

Level 3:  Moderate chess experience required.  Students should be familiar with pieces, their names, and movements and will start to learn some strategy.  

1 - Check Strategies - “ABC”

2 - Mate-In-One Exercises

3 - Fork

4 - Pins

5 - Skewer

6 - Parent’s Day

We do anticipate more registrations than we can accommodate, and a lottery system is likely.

Please remember volunteers keep our programs alive!  All of our programs are volunteer run, and we are looking for assistant and lead teachers - especially those that may want to teach a specific workshop in the future!  (Unfortunately, we can't accommodate minor volunteers at this time.)

Have questions or need more information, please contact Dorothy Davis, Programs VP.