2024-2025 PTSA Nominating Committee Final Report

May 6, 2024

The Cougar Ridge Elementary PTSA Nominating Committee hereby places the following names into consideration for election for the 2024-2025 Executive Committee of the Cougar Ridge Elementary PTSA Board of Directors:

  • For the President – open

  • For the Executive Vice President – Sara Woody

  • For the Treasurer – Dandan Zhang (Cora) 

  • For the Co-Treasurer - Xia Xu

  • For the Secretary – Regina Bustamante

  • For the VP of Communication – Sarah Quint

  • For the VP of Fundraising – Ashly Hale

  • For the VP of Membership - Luciana Ito

  • For the VP of Programs – Emad Zand

  • For the VP of Service and Recognition – Kim Beaudoin

  • For the VP of Outreach – Jennifer Newheiser

  • For the VP of Events – Sarah Harris

  • For the VP of Community Engagement – Simran Puri 

  • For the VP of Volunteers - Ellen Kwor

The nominating committee has confirmed that all nominees have been a member of a PTSA for at least 15 days prior to the election, and meet other requirements as stated in the WSPTA Uniform Bylaws.  The incoming Board of Directors will be elected at the next General Membership Meeting on May 21, 2024.

Respectfully submitted by:

Sarah Quint, Katie Carey, Melissa Hirshberg

2024-2025 PTSA Nominating Committee

The Cougar Ridge Elementary PTSA board has a number of positions available for next year and is currently taking nominations. As a valued member of the Cougar Ridge Elementary School community, we are hoping that you might know someone (or even yourself) who would make a great board member. If so, please take a moment to provide your nominations, including contact information, to our nominating committee.


  • April 16, 2024 Meeting: Nominating Committee elected at Cougar Ridge Elementary PTSA General Meeting
  • April 22, 2024:  Nominations due to Nominations Committee.
  • May 6, 2024:  Proposed 2024-2025 slate posted on Cougar Ridge Elementary PTSA website.
  • May 21, 2024:  Elections held during Cougar Ridge Elementary General Membership Meeting (details to come).

2024-2025 Cougar Ridge Elementary PTSA Nominating Committee Members: 

Sarah Quint, Melissa Hirshberg, Katie Carey


Click here for the detailed description of the positions. 

For questions, contact Kim Beaudoin.

To submit a nomination, complete our Nomination Form.

What is the Nominating Committee?

The charge of the nominating committee is to recognize and recruit the most qualified people available for elected PTSA positions. Having qualified people step into leadership positions will ensure success for many years into the future. 

Who can be on the Nominating Committee?

The nominating committee is the only PTSA committee that is not appointed by the president. This committee is elected by the membership during a membership meeting (usually in January).

Members of the Nominating Committee must be PTSA members.‚Äč The president cannot be a member of this committee, nor may any school or district administrator serve on the nominating committee within the district where he or she is employed. No person may serve on the committee for more than two consecutive years. 

The committee needs a balance of newer and more experienced PTA members, all of whom should be knowledgeable about PTA and who are:

  • Aware of qualified potential nominees
  • Familiar with the eligibility requirements and the qualifications necessary for the offices to be filled
  • Willing and able to devote adequate time to the responsibilities involved and maintain confidentiality.

Thank you!

Cougar Ridge Elementary PTSA