Why Does the Cougar Ridge Elementary PTSA Raise Funds?

The Cougar Ridge Elementary PTSA is a non-profit, tax exempt organization under section 501 (C )(3). Our mission is to help make every Cougar Ridge student’s potential become reality through opportunities that support and enrich our children, school, and community.

Only a small portion of the PTSA's income comes from membership dues, and these funds are used primarily for administrative expenses (insurance, bookkeeping, taxes, etc.). To provide school enrichment opportunities and support our students when programs are not provided with public funding, we need to raise moneyTo raise funds, the PTSA conducts a primary fundraising event and provides additional fundraising opportunities throughout the year.

If you are a PTSA member and have an account, please donate as a member.
Not a PTSA Member? Please click here to donate as a guest. 
When donating to the Cougar Ridge Elementary PTSA, 100% of your donation goes directly to the Cougar Ridge Elementary PTSA and is exclusively used at Cougar Ridge. It’s tax deductible and qualifies for corporate matching. Please check with your employer or click here for more details.

Where Do the Funds Go?

During the 2021-22 school year, the Cougar Ridge Elementary PTSA funded $71,500 for enrichment, staff and classroom support, community events, programs, scholarship, and services to benefit our students and staff. Without PTSA financial support, our school would look and feel very different. 

What Happens When Donations Drop?

When financial support drops, our annual operating budget decreases and we can't offer the same level of enrichment as the previous year. This means, sometimes kids miss out on some fun opportunities they only get a chance to do when they are in that grade level. Give a little, get a lot! That's why 100% family participation - at any contribution level - during our fundraiser is critical.   

Thank you for all of your contributions - every dollar helps so much!