Please consider helping out with any of these open positions for our 2020 Auction! It takes a village to make this a success. Thank you for your consideration!
Procurement Committee Member - Procure items to be sold in both the Live and Silent Auctions. Brainstorm businesses to contact for both item donation and Corporate Sponsorships.
Décor Committee needs volunteers to help put together decorations for the night of the Auction
Signage Coordinator - Responsible for all signage leading up to and on the night of the Auction
Check-In Coordinator - Creates a plan for and assembles check-in packets for Auction attendees.  Sets up the registration area. Creates a check-in procedure and communicates detailed, written description of check-in volunteer responsibilities for night of auction.
Bid Sheet Coordinator - Coordinates with catalog manager and Auction Chairs to determine item pricing and puts together bid sheets for each Silent Auction item.
Live Auction Display Coordinator - Identifies creative ways to display Live auction items, works with Signage Coordinator on displays.
Banking - Responsible for renting credit card system and tracking bids/charges at the event, training non-guest or non-school volunteers on the night of the Auction and working with check-out team to make sure all guests have swiped card or paid by check or cash.
Check Out Coordinator - Establish check-out procedures for all purchased items and communicate the procedures to the volunteer team. Works with Banking to make sure all items are paid for.
Corporate Matching Coordinator -  Make sure that we take advantage of all corporate matching opportunities.
Set Up Leader and Team - Work with Auction Chairs on developing a detailed room layout and work with various committees to execute the set-up of all activities relating to the auction.
Auction Delivery Team - Helps get all donated items to the Auction site the day of the Auction
* More detailed descriptions are available for each position. Email us at for more detailed information.
**  There will also be many positions that will need to be filled for the night of by non-attending volunteers - either Cougar Ridge parents who do not plan on going to the Auction or outside volunteers (alumni or parents from other schools). 
The goal is to have all parents attending the Auction able to enjoy the Auction. Most of the work in the above positions should happen prior to the Auction and non-attending volunteers will carry out the tasks the night of the Auction. We ask for volunteers from other elementary schools in the area, school alumni and non-attending parents to help ensure that everyone who is attending the Auction is able to participate in the festivities.