Spelling Bee Home Rules and Tips Practice Word Lists 2019 Registration Volunteer Sign-up (coming soon)


Join us for the 3rd Annual Cougar Ridge Spelling Bee!

January 30 and 31, 2019

Open to all 2nd-5th Graders

Registration Deadline: Thursday, January 17th

Registration NOW CLOSED


Grade Level Spelling Bee Dates/Times for 2019 Bee

(all taking place on the stage in the Bobcat Cafe)

2nd Grade Wednesday, January 30th 5-6PM
3rd Grade Thursday, January 31st 5-6PM
4th Grade Wednesday, January 30th 6-7PM
5th Grade Thursday, January 31st 6-7PM
CHAMPIONSHIP ROUND Thursday, January 31st 7:15-7:45PM


Registration is now open for students to join the spelling fun at the 3rd Annual Cougar Ridge Spelling Bee! 2nd-5th graders are welcome to join in this friendly competition of oral spelling ability.

For each grade level competition, participants will be seated on stage and will approach the microphone when their number or name is called. The participant will be asked to spell a word out loud. If the word is spelled correctly, the participant will advance to the next round. Please refer to the “Rules and Tips” link for additional information. There will be a short procedure demonstration prior to the start of the first round of competition for each grade. 

Important: Student participants will not be allowed to observe other grades’ competitions until they have been eliminated from their own competition.

The winner(s) from each grade may participate in the championship round on January 31st. This round will determine the school champion, who will be eligible to compete in the regional championship in Seattle (date TBD).

If you are interested in volunteering, please click here or on the volunteer link above. Jobs include judges, pronouncers, door monitors, and stage assistants.

Questions? Feedback? Contact Jenne Greene, Spelling Bee Chair.