Cougar Ridge PTSA Mission and Goals 2017-18 (also proposed to continue for 2018-19)

Approved 10/10/2017



Help make every Cougar Ridge student’s potential become a reality through opportunities that support and enrich our children, school and community.



  • Support Cougar Ridge students, staff and parents through purposeful fundraising, programs, volunteer opportunities and advocacy.
  • Promote and maintain effective lines of communication and be a relevant resource within the school community.
  • Continue to adapt to the changing needs of our diverse school community via opportunities that encourage social and cultural awareness and inclusion.
  • Promote and attain 100% PTSA membership annually.


PTSA Mission and Goals 2015-16

Our mission is to enhance student learning through programs, fundraising, events, and funding that support school-based curriculum, and to advocate for the health, safety, education and welfare of all children.


2015-16 PTSA Mission Statement and Goals